July 23, 2024



The #1 Self-Defense Technique by Instructor Ma

The #1 Self-Defense Technique by Instructor Ma

The real irony of learning how to defend yourself is that most people who know how to defend themselves never have to! They have such a powerful sense of environmental awareness and confidence that they don’t attract trouble.

Lots of people who wind up having to defend themselves got into that predicament by making a really bad decision.

The #1 self-defense skill? Good decision making. This comes from the wisdom gained from martial arts training. As you develop your skills and self-awareness you can achieve a level of clarity that allows you to have laser sharp focus and the ability to recognize dangers and avoid them.

As you get wiser, and your martial arts skills increase there is a rise in your situational awareness that helps you naturally avoid dangerous people and places. As martial artists we know that this is the key to staying safe.

Spatial awareness is developed through the practice of techniques and forms. The ability to start and stop on the exact same spot is an example of this spatial awareness applied to martial arts. You can sense when someone is getting too close to you even from behind. This is a potentially life saving skill.

About the author: Instructor Ma is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in the Korean self-defense art of Hapkido and a 2nd Dan in Traditional Taekwondo. She is a professional sports and fitness model and full time Nursing student. She is the Language, Culture and Leadership Development Teacher for the USA Hapkido Union, Inc and can be reached at www.USAHapkidoUnion.org I invite you to subscribe to our channel at https://youtu.be/gMVWEM07YTY

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